MEMBER CARD® Debit Cards can be used to access both your savings and chequing accounts to make purchases (POS – point of sale) or as a cash withdrawal (ATM). With your MEMBER CARD® Debit Card you can deposit to your account through an automated teller machine (ATM) at any credit union in Canada. Click for FAQs.

If your MEMBER CARD® Debit Card has been lost or stolen,
please contact 1-800-567-8111.


  • Protect the confidentiality of your PIN (personal identification number) – never tell anyone.
  • Make sure your MEMBER CARD® Debit Card is always within sight during a transaction.
  • Shield the entry of your PIN from the view of others.
  • Regularly check your transaction records and accounts for accuracy. Notify us immediately of any discrepancies.
  • Keep your card away from strong magnets, they can ruin the black magnetic strip on your MEMBER CARD® Debit Card.
  • Cards that are crumpled or folded in half like sandwiches, don’t work well in machines. In fact, the machines often eat them. So keep your MEMBER CARD® Debit Card lying flat in your wallet.


What is a chip card?

A chip card, sometimes called a “smart card”, is a debit card with an embedded computer chip. The chip stores all the information traditionally stored on the magnetic strip.

Why do we need chip cards?
Chip cards are more effective deterrents to card fraud than magnetic strips. The chips themselves are very difficult and expensive to replicate. This better protects Safeway Credit Union and you from the costs of debit fraud.

What are the benefits to members?
Chip cards make safe transactions even safer, so you can feel secure in your transactions. Chip cards also offer greater speed and convenience at point-of-sale terminals.

Where do chip cards work?
Chip cards work any place where debit cards are accepted, including foreign countries. Our chip cards still have a magnetic stripe so they work at older terminals or in countries where the chip is not standard, such as the United States.

How are chip transactions conducted?
The chip card is inserted into the chip terminal and left there for the duration of transaction. You will need a PIN to complete the transaction. If the point-of-sale terminal is not chip-enabled, the card is swiped.

Is the magnetic stripe not secure enough?
You should have full confidence in the security of your magnetic stripe cards. The evolution to chip technology simply makes a safe transaction even safer.

Are chip cards 100% immune to fraud?
Chip is the highest level of security available to protect payment information and prevent fraud. While no technology is 100% immune to fraud, chip cards employ a range of security features to create a multilayered defence.

Can chip cards still be skimmed through the magnetic stripe?
Yes. Although magnetic stripe cards are safe to use, no technology is 100% immune to fraud. Members should ensure their card stays where they can see it during a transaction, protect their PIN and monitor their statements to ensure all transactions are valid.

Are my transactions stored on the chip?
No. The chip stores only the necessary information to complete a transaction. It does not store the transaction itself.

Can merchants see the information on the chip?
No. All chip data is encrypted.

Who owns the data on the chip?
All information stored in any chip or magnetic stripe of a Safeway Credit Union MEMBER CARD® Debit Card belongs to Safeway Credit Union.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

How do I change my PIN?
You can change your PIN in-branch at Safeway Credit Union or at any credit union in Alberta. You may also change the PIN on your chip card at any participating credit union location.

What if I enter the wrong PIN?
If the wrong PIN is entered three times in a row, the PIN is automatically blocked. Payment will be denied on debit cards. PINs that have been blocked will be reset overnight. If you need to use your card again that same day you will need to visit Safeway Credit Union to reset your PIN.

What if I lost my PIN?
If you lost your PIN you will need to visit Safeway Credit Union and show personal ID to receive a new PIN.