64th Annual General Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended our 64th Annual General meeting. It was a lovely evening catching up with members.

During the meeting, General Manager, Cliff Roberts acknowledged “50” & “60” year members.  Following are some photos that captured the spirit of the evening.

General Manager, Cliff Roberts (left) and President, Barrie Schimpf (right) acknowledged and presented our member Bill Sneddon with a gift for his “60” years of loyal membership at the Safeway Credit Union.

President, Barrie Schimpf (left) and General Manager, Cliff Roberts (right) acknowledged and presented our members Helen Gallant, Reg Barr, Violet Williams and Josee Riehl for their “50” years of loyal membership.

General Manager, Cliff Roberts and President, Barrie Schimpf presenting employee Colette Weber with 40 years of dedicated service with the Safeway Credit Union.

Safeway Credit Union Members’ deposits are 100% guaranteed

All deposits are guaranteed 100% by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (except common shares)

Online Bill Payments
Our Members now have the ability to handle their finances 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our Telpay online services. The Telpay bill payment process quickly and reliably links you to all the bills you wish to pay. Telpay online bill payments are accurate, secure and very easy to use. It’s as easy as one, two, three so why not start paying your bills from the comfort and convenience of your home. A minimal fifty-cent fee is applied to each bill paid.

Call our office to register and arrange for Online Services & Bill Payments today.